Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

So being a wedding photographer myself I think I know a thing or two about what you should look for in a wedding photographer. I can be a very long and daunting process going through magazines, Websites, Instagram profiles and even trawling Facebook to find the right one and trust me when you find the wedding photographer for you, you will know.

My first bit of advice is to stop looking at prices and I know you are probably thinking. Of course you would say that you are a wedding photographer! but seriously if you are just looking for a cheap photographer then you may as well get uncle Jim with his point and shoot camera to smash a load of pics out for you. The right photographer will for sure be worth what they are charging.

So what do you do when you have narrowed down your selection two maybe 2 or 3 photographers. I would start by phoning them just for a chat they should be more than willing to tell you about their approach, their inspirations, delivery times for your photos and any extras they offer. In this little chat try and figure out who they are as a person, it is important that not only are they amazing at taking photos but you also need a connection with them too. I would also ask to see a full client album and any wedding photographer worth his title will show you at least one album if not two.

I personally like to meet my clients before the wedding maybe go for a coffee and cake or even a beer to just chat and get to know each other, from my side of thing as a photographer if you are comfortable and relaxed with me that makes my job a lot easier and you guys less stressed about the whole thing. I have come across so many people that hate being in front of a camera and hate being posed for photos even on their wedding day. I have found that the process of meeting clients and getting to know them makes for a better day for everyone.

So in summary look for a photographer that suits you! One that is mega at their job and makes you feel like you are just hanging out with a friend and not all tense and stressed about the day!