Getting married at Clearwell Castle?

I have wanted to blog this wedding for just a little bit now! It was one mega wedding at one mega venue. If you are getting married at Clearwell castle then this could be a read for you!

I am not great at this so I will for sure keep this short and let the pictures speak for them self's !

Start of the day the weather was looking mega with a frosty November morning and the sun breaking over the grounds of the castle. You couldn't ask for a more picturesque venue to get married and I am sure if you ask Carlene and Adam they will more than agree with me. As the day went on sun sun stayed high in the sky and not a cloud to be seen. The more photos I took at this wedding the more I realised why you would get married there. Every room and corridor has a 100 photo opportunities and the grounds are even more amazing with the long sweeping driveway, the massive gardens and the hidden lake there are endless images to be had.

Bride and Groom and clearwell castle
bride at clearwell castle
wedding at clearwell castle
wedding ceremony at clearwell castle
wedding portraits at clearwell castle
wedding photography at clearwell castle
white wedding at cleawell castle
bride kissing groom at the wood shed clearwell castle
the secret lake at clearwell castle
bride and groom walking the path at clearwell castle wedding