These are my Top 5 Wedding venues in the Cotswolds

Picking a Wedding venue even in a beautiful place of the world like the Cotswolds can be very difficult, Lets be honest location for a bride is everything this is the place you will remember the happiest day for the rest of your life. Luckily for you I have done my research by not only visiting these venues but being there for weddings and I have also photographed weddings at most of them.

Now for me a really great wedding venue like the ones I have put together for you need a few things to make them greater than the rest. First of all the location has to be picturesque, secondly the staff need to be welcoming and helpful after all they are the work force behind your wedding, third of all the building its self! I like things like high ceilings and a big fire. Not all these venues have everything I have listed but they are all great in there own way and you wont go wrong picking one of these!

so in no specific order as I love them all I give you my top 5 Cotswold wedding venues!

The Matara Centre

The Asian inspired Wedding Venue

This is in my Top 5 Wedding venues for a few reasons. The Asian inspired garden is certainly the centre piece of this amazing venue with the Japanese entrance, the pond in the middle overflowing with lily pads, flowers and trees it is for sure a one of a kind place. The staff are some of the friendliest I have had the pleasure of meeting . To second that epic garden is the ball room, just wow! With its high ceiling and wide open space it surely is a fantastic place for your first dance to be held.

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Elmore court

The manor house

When someone says manor house to me this is exactly what I have in my mind! High ceilings wooden floors and big fireplaces and some of the most beautiful staircases. The staff are friendly and the feeling of being at home takes only minutes to set in. I can only say good things about this place and would recommend it to anyone.

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Clearwell Castle

The Castle wedding venue

This one isn't exactly in the Cotswolds but lets be honest everyone wants to get married in an old English castle over looking nothing but a small village and nothing else but a forest for miles around. With its grand entrance and towering heights this doses nothing but impress! It will never fall short for making any bride feel like a princess and with there extensive wedding awards they know exactly how to look after you in any wedding eventuality!

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Eastington park

Historic Estate house

This one really is mega! If it is accommodation you need for a massive party at your wedding this place has it nailed with its mega 33 bedrooms and what a location it is with endless spiral stairwells, mega views, epic gardens and friendly staff it truly is one of the great Cotswold wedding venues that I can assure you will be an amazing place to get married!

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Kingscote barn

The old English barn

Set in the rolling hills of Gloucestershire this venue offers among some of the greatest views and most amazing sights. Its by far the smallest of the 5 wedding venues but only in size. With a great team running behind the scenes and so many fantastic photo locations the place as a whole knows how to throw a great wedding for sure!

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So that is it my top 5 Cotswold wedding venues I would recommend to even my closest of friends. Thank you for having a look and I really hoped this helped you out and you find the wedding venue that you are looking for.